Who is Meili Rasika Rego

Meili Rasika Rego is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) designated by ICF (International Coach Federation) and a Certified Professional Life Coach designated by the University of Miami. She is also a Credentialed Advocate who actively advocates for causes involving woman and child abuse - from psychological abuse to sexual abuse. Coach Meili is currently a counselor-in-training working towards her graduate degree to become a mental health counselor in Florida state.

At Meili Coaching, we aim at servicing women of all ages – to assist women in distress, influence women to reclaim their lives, and inspire women to succeed in all aspects of their personal and professional lives. Coach Meili Rasika Rego is specialised in empowering women to become greater and stronger, to overcome difficulties and challenges, to transform their lives, to widen and deepen their perspectives, to recreate and redefine their relationships with their loved ones and others.

We focus on the well-being of our clients’ mind, body, and soul. You will be guided through a series of self-actualisation process that allows you to translate, explore, and cultivate your desires and longings into a vision – to design your own destiny.

  • Life Coaching: relationship and spiritual guidance
  • E-Learning
  • Thai and English Translation
  • Immigration paperwork preparation